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Growing older has its problems. Like forgetfulness. Recently, I visited my daughter but forgot where she hides her house key. Molly never answers her phone at work so I had to crawl through the doggy door to get inside the house. Fortunately, her dog spends the day in a crate while Molly works. This gave me all the time I needed to contort my way into the laundry room.

Forgetfulness is just one side-effect of growing old. Chasing Pills: I Must Be Old, I Have a Pill Dispenser, addresses with humor other problem areas like living with a hard of hearing spouse, being lost in cyberspace and old people noises.

Raised as a child of a career Air Force officer, I wondered the globe with my family.  I continued moving around as a young adult.  Upon marrying a 3rd generation dairy farmer in West Virginia in 1981, I settled down for good. Chasing Cows:  I’m Not in the Suburbs Anymore is about my adventures as an unexpected and unprepared farm wife. Who knew I would be taking my young daughter to shop for bull semen so her 4-H cow could get pregnant?


I retired in 2008 after working for decades as a community planner. That same year I was elected to serve 6 years on the Jefferson County Commission.  I write about my experience as an elected official in Chasing Votes:  I Got Elected, Now What?

My writing career began in 2002 when I became a community columnist for a local newspaper. Since then, I have published over 150 columns for 3 different newspapers.


Many of my columns involve my family and I am thankful they don’t mind being mentioned!

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"They laughed, they bought books, and they didn't fall asleep."

— Sandy Donahue, Event Planner of AARP

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