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Chasing Laughs Collection

Raised in the many houses of an Air Force career officer, I wandered the globe as a child. And as a young adult, I kept on moving.


It wasn't until 1981, when I met a third generation dairy farmer from West Virginia that I finally settled down for good. Unprepared for the unexpected adventures of a farm wife, I processed my

transformations by writing my first book, Chasing Cows: I'm Not in the Suburbs Anymore.  Who knew I would be taking my young daughter shopping for bull semen so that she could get her 4-H cow pregnant?

In between books, I started writing as a community columnist for a local newspaper. Since 2002, I've published over 150 columns for three different newspapers. Like my books, many of my columns involve my family to whom I am forever grateful for allowing their continuous mention. 

In 2008, I retired after many decades as a community planner. That same year, I was elected to serve six years on the Jefferson County Commission, which was a wild enough ride to prompt a second book, Chasing Votes: I Got Elected, Now What?


And then I got old, which goes without saying, needed another book. Chasing Pills: I Must Be Old, I Have a Pill Dispenser is my story of the joys of living with a hard of hearing spouse, getting very lost in cyberspace, and encounters with "old people noises"... 

"At Molly's age, I was asking my mom's advice on Villager shirtwaist and Bass Weejuns. Not once did we visit a bull semen outlet..."


— from Chasing Cows

"My husband observed I defeated more opponents in one election than some politicians face in their entire career..."

— from Chasing Votes

"I'm trying to convince my adult childern to take some of our family heirlooms. They are not cooperating. 'It's all so old,' they explain..."


— from Chasing Pills

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