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I hear more from my Fitbit than from my kids

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

I am the proud first time owner of a Fitbit. I gleefully took it out of the package and was about to put it on my wrist and start walking when I read those words that always strike terror in my heart:

To start, download the app.

Uh oh. I never have luck with cyber-instructions. The Fitbit app was no exception and after being unable to download the critical information to my Fitbit, I decided to phone a Fitbit "advocate." After being told Fitbit was experiencing unusually high caller volume and I would have to wait a minimum of 10 minutes, I decided to try the on-line system. This approach requires you to type back and forth with an "advocate." After 20 minutes with Benjamin, I finally got the Fitbit to come alive.

Now the Fitbit and I are in regular communication.

Just today it complimented me for walking 30 minutes. I have also received congrats on earning my first Boat Shoe badge. (I have no idea why a boat shoe is an appropriate reward for walking on land. ) The Fitbit app asks "how did you sleep?" and "What have you eaten today?" I have heard from Fitbit more in the past three days than I have heard from my children in the past three weeks.

Not all the Fitbit messages are welcome. I do not enjoy what I call the " Lazy Ass" admonition. The watch tells me to "GO GO GO" when there is a lack of movement . I do not like Fitbit making me fell guilty when I am stretched out on the sofa streaming a movie. Or two.

Whenever I want to interact with my Fitbit, I simply tap the watch face twice and messages appears. This is different from texting my children. It might be days before I get a response from them. Maybe the news that I have earned my VERY FIRST Boat Shoe badge will get a quicker reply.

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