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Kitchen Re-Do Reveals Hidden Love Letter

When husband Ron was demolishing his desk area for the kitchen redo, some papers fluttered to the floor. WHY I LOVE RON by Lyn Coleman includes 24 hand written reasons why I loved my husband circa 1983.

The first 6 of 24 reasons

It took me a few minutes to recall their origin. During our last renovation of the kitchen in 1983, I catalogued my love for my hubby and suggested we seal my notes in the wood framing of his desk as a kind of time capsule. Three decades later, they reappear.

I was Lyn Coleman back then. As I describe in my memoir Chasing Cows: I’m Not in the Suburbs Anymore: When I married Ron, I kept my maiden name “Coleman” rather than changing it to Widmyer. Marrying a 3rd generation resident of a rural county made that difficult. I was always introduced as “Ronnie’s wife” and invariably referred to as Lyn Widmyer. After my nomadic childhood, I realized I liked being part of a long-standing, respected farm family and happily changed my name to Widmyer.

Here are a few of the 24 reasons from WHY I LOVE RON:

5. He puts up $1000 bail bond for a n’eer do well farmhand because he trusts the guy.

6. He wears topsiders even though he’d rather be in pointy-toe loafers because I love him well dressed.

9. He sends me flowers on special occasions (UPDATE: this particular gesture stopped in the 1990’s)

10. He is generous

12. He says “wall” for “while”

17. He is loving and caring

19. He can fix anything

Reason #19 is very appreciated now during the kitchen re-do. While I am writing this, Ron is installing overhead lighting, moving electric outlets and putting in plywood to even out the floor substructure.

In reviewing the WHY I LOVE RON list, I find it interesting that most of the reasons relate less to passion and mushy feelings and more to character and personality. Ron and I married in our 30’s so maybe we approached a life time relationship with more practicality than younger couples. All I know is the 24 reasons I listed have led to 37 years of marriage.

I don’t recall if Ron made a similar list about me and he can’t remember either. Maybe further kitchen destruction will provide the answer.

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