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Kitchen Re-Do: The new tile is on the floor and my husband is in the sink

The biggest upgrade in our kitchen re-do is replacing the floor.

Our current floor covering (the brick pattern) dates back to 1983 and the turquoise speckled covering was installed by Ron’s parents in the 1950’s. The subflooring goes back even further. Our house was built in the 1860’s by

Layers of flooring from years past

George Eichelberger who happened to be the foreman in the trial of John Brown.

The kitchen was built separately from the house as was the style in that era. Separation afforded the main house some protection in case of a kitchen fire. Ron’s family enclosed the gap between the kitchen and main house when Ron was a boy.

As you know by now, kitchen décor is not my thing so I relied on my friend/designer Leanne Cobb to pick the flooring that matched my two design criteria: warm color, easy to clean. I also did not want anything in the Country Kitchen motif. I did that for 30 years and I wanted something more modern.

The crew from C.T. Walls & Floors, led by Julio, spent hours and hours over three days to install the tile. The tile can be seen in the picture below.

Ron, intent on repainting the kitchen, did not let a crew of three working in the kitchen,

cutting, fitting tile and moving kitchen appliances to interfere with his task. He avoided the floor installation by standing in the cabinet base for the sink as he paints.

Ron continues painting, despite a crew of three laying tile around him

Our kitchen re-do is about halfway finished. My days of washing dishes in the tub are almost over.

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