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Kitchen Renovation: the tenth circle of Dante's Inferno

Recently I visited the tenth circle of Dante’s Inferno. Those of you familiar with the Inferno are now saying, “What? There are only 9 circles of hell!!” Not for me. The tenth circle is spending two hours in Home Depot shopping for materials for our kitchen renovation.

Ron and Leanne discussing the design qualities of door knobs.

The picture shows my husband Ron and my “she’s-better-than-Martha-Stewart” designer friend Leanne Cobb deciding on door knobs. How could there be so many choices for a door knob? Ron and Leanne are discussing in earnest the merits of brushed silver vs satin vs chrome vs faux pewter vs gold brushed finishes. I try to look interested as I play Spider Solitaire on my iPhone.

Then come the screen door selections, ceiling fixtures and paint. Here is another picture of Ron and Leanne looking at a page of white paint options. My comment? They all look the same to me. I see no difference between Polar Bear and Sleek White. Back to Spider Solitaire.

When I was complaining about being stuck in Home Depot for what seemed like an eternity a friend said, “But Lyn what is two hours when you are designing the most important room in

Choosing from 24 shades of white. I was no help.

the house? You don’t want to make a bad choice given you have to live with it for decades.” I disagree. I will risk living with the wrong color door knob if it means escaping an afternoon in a home improvement store.

I have definite ideas about what I want in my kitchen. I want it to be modern but not sterile, homey but not outdated, easy to clean but not sterile, compatible with our historic farm house but not stodgy….what could be simpler? My idea of home decorating is to plug these design elements into the internet and have the appropriate choices provided for countertops, floors, windows, curtains, etc. Then order them on-line.

I am going to post my experience with kitchen remodeling over the next few weeks. Check back to check how I am doing in the tenth circle of Dante’s Inferno.

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