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Not Another Picture of Your Grandchild!

When friends ask if I want to see pictures of their grandchild and pull out their iPhone, I politely tell those 3 photos is my limit.

I set this limit after enduring picture after picture after picture of a newborn grandchild. I mean how many poses of a newborn can one endure?? The baby is just lying there, for goodness sake. Unless of course, the new parents have hired a professional photographer and we can enjoy such classic poses as Baby in a box; Baby dressed like a vegetable or Baby joins the rodeo.

I’ll be honest. Babies pretty much all look the same to me. When I gave birth to my son some 30 years ago, I walked to the nursery and made goo goo eyes at him. I then realized by the name tag on the bassinette that I was practicing baby talk with the wrong newborn.

The real test of my three photo limit will come later this month. My daughter is expecting our first grandchild.

I may have to relax my standards

Some blue food coloring in an Oreo reveals our soon to arrive grandchild is a boy!

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